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Glassfibre reinforced polymers (GRP) are also commonly referred to either as ‘fibreglass’ or ‘composite plastics’. Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites were first developed during the 1940s, for military and aerospace applications – but considerable advances have been made since then in the use of this versatile material.

It is very strong – seven times the flexural strength of steel – yet very lightweight with the tremendous energy absorption properties that have made it a common material. NB: The flexural strength of a material is defined as its ability to resist deformation under load. For materials that deform significantly but do not break, the load at yield, typically measured at 5% deformation/strain of the outer surface, is reported as the flexural strength or flexural yield strength.

Design, Develop & Produce

Its finish is achieved in contact with a mould surface and takes on the precise texture of that mould. Anything from the highest showroom gloss to the texture of cast iron, stone, or the finest grained wood.

We design, develop & produce high quality fibreglass products & carry out on-site installation on ponds and roofs to ensure complete satisfaction; from pattern & mould products through to installation. We offer a complete one stop service to clients.

We have undertaken a wide range of projects, both in the United Kingdom and Europe, ranging from overdoor canopies, flat roofs, garage roofs, window bays and pond linings. Amongst our other works, we have also produced race car bodies, shop fittings, truck bodies, tank linings, architectural mouldings and much more.

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