We supply a quality range of  fibreglass door canopies, and have done for many years. Any of our canopies  will add instant appeal and sophistication and give  a lasting impression to your property.

  • Enhance the look of your property
  • Our door  canopies are the professionals choice
  • GRP  door canopies offers a cost effective solution to weather protection
  • Over door canopies are simple to install
  • Our door canopies are  maintenance free, wipe with warm soapy water  for  an as new look

Special Order Notes:


  1. Prices quoted  Include FREE  leg/brackets where stated
  2. Carriage costs for Door Canopies  start from £65 Please check on CARRIAGE COSTS prior to buying as they could vary
  3. For deliveries to Scotland or offshore please contact us prior to placing your order as transport rates may  apply
  4. All products on our website are manufactured by hand and made to specific requirements, and are classed as bespoke products this means once supplied we are unable to accept returns
  5. Please check all your measurements before placing your order


A most attractive traditional pitched Cottage style fibreglass door canopy, A nice tongue and groove soffit underside. Transforms and protects any doorway from the elements , Beautiful moulded design, Available in slate grey terracotta or anthracite tile, with a 36 degree pitch. Internal measurements between leg/brackets is 1210mm

  • Size :  1580mm (roof size)
  • Projection :  600mm
  • Hight : 770mm (inc back upstand)
  • Price : £764.65


A mono pitch effect Buckingham fibreglass door canopy or porch designed for realistic looks.Perfect for creating an aesthetically pleasing effect, Available in slate grey, terracotta or anthracite tile. Authentic rosemary tile roof detail. shiplap sides to soffit,Beautiful moulded design,with a 30 degree roof  pitch

  • Sizes : 1300 up to 2080mm (roof size)
  • Projection : 700mm
  • Hight : 620mm (inc back upstand)
  • Price : from £643.92 -Please check on pricing for other canopies sizes.


Attractive dual pitched Staveley fibreglass door canopy with elegant Victorian style looks,This canopy will add a touch of class to your property. Available in slate grey,  terracotta or anthracite . Scalloped edging . A lot of detail to make a beautiful addition to any home.
Authentic riven slate lead effect roof with smooth soffit, with a 18 degree pitch

  • Size : 1540mm (roof size)
  • Projection : 660mm
  • Hight : 470mm (inc back upstand)
  • Price : £601.30


Our flat topped Sandringham fibreglass door canopy, with a beautiful moulded design, Riven slate effect roof with a smooth soffit, A perfect and practical update to your property. Available in slate grey, terracotta or anthracite . Scalloped or straight edging. Please enquire for sizes above 2310mm to a maximum of 3160mm

  • Sizes : from 1500mm up to 2310mm
  • Projection : 660mm
  • Hight : 200mm (inc back upstand)
  • Price : from £325.00 – Please check for pricing for other sizes


A very popular  mono pitched  Buckingham fibreglass door canopy or porch. Available in slate grey,  terracotta or anthracite tile. Authentic rosemary tile roof detail with shiplap effect on soffit sides. Beautiful moulded design, with a 30 degree pitch

  • Size : 1300mm (roof size)
  • Projection : 700mm
  • Hight : 620mm (inc back upstand)
  • Price : £643.92


A very attractive hipped style  Balmoral fibreglass door canopy or porch, Available in slate grey, terracotta or anthracite tile, Authentic rosemary tiled effect roof detail, with white  smooth soffit.

This door canopy can also replace or cover an existing concrete canopy


  • Size : 1500mm (roof size)
  • Projection : 600mm
  • Hight : 620mm (in back upstand)
  • Price : £427.30


  • Mark out and pre-drill 6mm holes approx 250mm hole centres along the canopy flange, (some canopies have a soffit & roof assembly)
  • In this instance affix soffit and then affix roof
  • Offer canopy up to the wall and centralise it above the door opening, mark wall through pre-drilled holes, check canopy is level using a spirit level.
  • Remove canopy or soffit and drill and plug holes, take care when fixing to the wall as the flange can be cracked if forced, then  affix canopy or soffit with 8m wall bolts or 6 x 80 hammer fixings in drilled holes then tighten.
  • When fixing roof section , offer the roof to the soffit and locate bigheads on underside of roof.
  • The gallows brackets are fixed to the wall and soffit.
  • The Large and small decorative leg/brackets are fixed from inside the soffit and fixed to the wall only.
  • When fitting the Large/Small decorative Leg/brackets drill 2 pilot holes in the flat panel on the underside of the leg/bracket so that the screws can grip.
  • Mask off  area  on canopy soffit where leg/brackets are to be fitted, place leg/bracket and mark around, measure out and drill where pilot holes match up, remove masking tape and attach leg/bracket to soffit.
  • You can then run a bead of white silicone sealer where the  leg/brackets and soffit meet.
  • Do not over tighten the screws as as they might damage the canopy
  • Cover all visible screw heads with appropriate coloured screw caps
  • Clean canopy using  warm soapy and water
  • Seal canopies to the wall using an appropriate clear sealer
  • Care should be taken not to stand on the canopy as this may cause cracking or damage to the surface finish .